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Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 07:51:02 UTC 2016

On 07/24/16 08:53 PM, Adam Števko wrote:
> Yes, the wider context exists. The idea is to make every possible step
> to move project out of decline.

As I see it there is not decline and in the opposite OI hipster is in
the best shape in years and getting many new contributions every day.

> There are few more things current developer have in the pipeline: 
>   - CoC (debated now),

It's not even called like that, and it can't be used before other things.
it can come active after making active community members and bodies, not

>   - governing board elections,

There can be no any elections before there is active member community
formed and that is a process that can take up to a year.

>   - mission statement update,

That could exist even before, regularly it should come after all of
previous but for the sake of advancement, can be made, like the Roadmap
already exists and can be expanded.

So it seems it is all in somewhat different order, beginning with active
member community formation.

>   - new end-user documentation (based on Michael’s work),

Those big and wide articles, created by him, are not in the shape to be
called documents.
Texts are non audited, and full of badly shaped wording.

They haven't been checked through on-Wiki contribution process and they
are not by any means documents of Openindiana.
Also there is nothing "new" with them, whole handbook idea is pulled
from OI Wiki and there are all those nice articles already.

poll you started awhile ago can't be used to mandate it, because it
lacks registration and anyone could enter data in it. rigging results.

>   - oi-userland changes and further simplifications to lower barrier
> for contributing. There will be a call for new package contributions,

With thing you say here, you are out of topic and you better put them
somewhere on your personal blog.

>   - new ways to try out and develop OI (vagrant boxes, qcow2 images
> and netboot.xyz integration),
>   - some infrastructure work (wiki update, long needed cleanup and
> reorganization, infra reinstall and better coverage via more mirrors),

>   - forum, so people can communicate and help each other (it seems
> that mailing lists and IRC channels are not sufficient),

This is a terrible idea if it is not linked to existing mailing list.
if is great idea if it is linked and exchange messages with existing
mailing list, it is great thing.
If linked, that can elevate from the need of maintaining separate usernames,
plus "centralized" one-site forums are monolithic and do not provide any
democracy in it,
since they are goverened by one man, top-down, allow deleting of
messages, like they never existed,
large misuse of accounts, etc.
So not great idea if not linked to existing mailing list.

>   - stable version based on hipster (/dev -> /stable will be a
> seamless transition. So far, plain upgrade works, but zones complicate
> it a little bit and that has to be sorted out).

/stable is nice to hear but I am not sure if you have idea what it means.

I proposed for old /dev to new /dev transition, where new /dev can be
refreshed from /hipster from time to time.
That could work, but /stable?.. That can come after number of new /dev
releases but not sure if it can be called like that any time soon,
because there needs to be at least several people dedicated to
maintaining it and breakages in it needs even more testing and support
then landing into new /dev .
So maybe smartest thing woudl be to land into new, refreshed /dev form
/hipster and let people try out regular pushes to it over at least one
year, before thinking of /stable.

> There is a lot of work to be done, but unless we can get more
> developers on board, not everything can be accomplished in reasonable
> time. With stable release, we might need a few more devs, who could
> fill the ranks and help with maintenance. So I hope that the order of
> steps is logical and reasonable to everybody. To be clear, some things
> are already happening (mostly technical related). Political ones are a
> matter of discussion of course and shall be discussed and further
> agreed. The idea is to come up with some proposal, which could be
> discussed.

I hope you wouldn't recommend as leader for the whole distribution.
I think you are not ready for it. You just don't listen good enough and
tend to ignore important things.
For all other things, including operational things you already do
managing infrastructure, ok.

> This list is very brief and I could write a blog post detailing every
> point if interested. However, it will take me a few days. Just let me
> know if you want to have it in more details or enough information was
> provided.

You better write it on your private blog, anyway.
It could be separated into projects but make sure to consult before
trying to put it on the roadmap.

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