[oi-dev] OpenIndiana Code of Conduct

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 08:05:26 UTC 2016

On 07/24/16 05:40 PM, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
> It is only democratic to pull the plug out of that page, showing that
> unfunished undemocratic documents like that should not have democratic
> support at all, promoting autoritarian rula and forcing it.
> Other then that, democratic way could be having links on that page
> pointing to Wiki so people can contribute there, but I choosed to have
> both of them presented concurrently, old useless one and newer rewriting
> of it.
> If work occurs on the Wiki then it is natural to point to it.

But it is not natural to have stale and bad  old version of it on site
for no reason.

Plus xenol yesterday changed on-Wiki article name, that is not done on
existing articles.
Also xenol received reccomendations on how to edit Wiki in a right way.

Only problem with it is that those "not to be tolerated" parts of
proposal are idiotic
and can't be glued into document, for not being precise and pushing
community into one-man slavery.

>> So xenol does not have right to PUT it on the site unilaterally.
>> And I have ALL right to change and rephrase and contribute improved
>> version as I did on wiki.
> You have the right to setup a workspace but modifying website content is subject to review.

Great, xenol modified website without public review. Deal with it first.

>> Plus I have rights on site to change documents, so why not I use them to
>> change?
> Because the rule on the website is: do not modify existing content without acknowledgement and review.

It also goes for NEW documents putting on site, or you have choosen to
turn blind eye to mandating things and protecting bad things on site,
but to forbid changes.

I agree site is not a wiki, like I already said, but it is only obvious
you are not using your own rules like you describe.

>> Xenol used it's right to change, by putting it, I don't see the
>> difference here.
> Adam created new content, you modified existing content. 

And that is great to do.

Ok, then On Wiki, I created the content and he is modifyoing existing

I don't thing people should be forbidden to modify existing content.

>> People tend to even say things without even looking,
>> and it is obvious that pushing document on the site is avoiding any
>> procedure and community effort and that is bad behaviour that tend to
>> spread.
>> As long it is there site is under occupation from that troll document.
>> You can of course do whatever you want, it's always your free choice.
> Do you consider that the group of active developers steering the project misbehave by proposing a form of organisation to help OpenIndiana move forward?

Of course they do. Plus they propose that trolling is the norm in this
community, obviously facilitated by makruger idea of ruling.

I say everyone do what knows best that proposed document is clearly full
of logical and inhumane intentional mistakes that are to destroy this
community in the long run.

Just take alook at the actual changes and refer on them and be on topic.

> The need of a Code of Conduct was discussed within the group, ideas emerged and are thus proposed to the community.
> Sounds pretty reasonable to me. :)

No it is never discussed before in open, before making this topic,
anywhere, not even on IRC.

If it is done in secrecy, that is grouse misbehaviour.
As I see there is no comunity but xenol pushing it on site and some
trolling content in it.

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