[oi-dev] OpenIndiana Code of Conduct

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 09:24:18 UTC 2016

On 07/24/16 08:59 PM, Adam Števko wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I added draft of proposed CoC to wiki here: http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Code+of+Conduct+proposals

Firstly, there are no "code of conducts" there is one document (that
can't be even make active any time soon, but whatever).
Second, xenol have been changing article name that already includes it's
name and reference to it's calling it already.

> I modified the Wiki entry to contain both versions.

That is not good behaviour . If you have so different ideas (that
includes fascist dictatorship), you can make a new one.

Plus it is one document to be working on, not multiple.
I explained it on wiki changes comments.

> Modified version of initial CoC text contains following changes:
> - added to "Core principles and expectations:” part:
> • Always seek to maintain a welcoming environment for new contributors.
> 	• Welcome new people to the project and guide them in their contributions.
> 	• Give them the time you were given when you first joined the community.

This part is rephrased and included in the text in a shorter way. See
wiki page logs(history).

> 	• And if you weren't given enough time please set a new example for others to live by.

This can be part of another 'bona fide' document again if having enough
talent to put it on paper.
it again works around 'time' resource where it could be careful not to
require much of a people in the start, their interests will follow them
further in.

> • Be open and transparent so others can participate on an equal footing and contribute to the project in their own way.
> 	• Everyone has something to contribute.

This already exists in text , also redacted to be shorted and more
easily readable.
But I included all it's points.
My redaction does not repeat "We we" but puts verb as action in the
beginning of the sentences, that seems more reasonable to me.

> - added to “What will not be tolerated:” part:
> Discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, sexuality, religion, age or physical disability.

Thi is horrible and is already covered in "No personal witch hunt, based
on anything toward a person(s)."
where "anything" encompass all mentioned things already.

Listing some of them would provde endless calls to add more one the list
and also discussing on those terms as topics can provide boisterously
off-topic. So better say, no personal things, period.

> - “Reporting violations” part was changed:
> 	• Violations of the CoC should be reported to the distribution maintainers via abuse at openindiana.org.

This mail address can't be used for other purposes because historically
it is used for reporting SPAM form mail to mail server administrators.
Reusing it for something else can give save heaven to trolls and disrupt
SPAM reporting process.

There is no need to have "violations" and also there is no need to have
centralized place or a guy that mandates everything, like put here.

There are no additional right nor reason to give to "distribution
maintainers", because all that sh* job of dealing woth the community in
general distracts of more important work.

Also one persons or few of them can't mandate everything within
community, so no reason to centralize, plus it is not good thing to
"mandate all communication channels" in one place, that is plainly wrong
and can stop people forming projects and groups advancing parts, and
that is not usable as a result.

> 		• Neither reporters nor reported persons will, or should be, made public.

This is clearly wrong. Perons need to have "guts" to come in public.
Inducing secrecy in operating things is disastrous to open projects.
If one want to take part in open project, one should act in open giving
ability to other to contribute.
No private witch hunts, as already stated.
Witch-hunting  is very bad and inducing it in this way, in secret is
very bad and can only help trolls.

> 	• Upon receipt of a problem report, 

There is NO problem(s) regarding CPE (CoC).
Because there ar no "policing officers" everything can be put to the
wide community to work things out, before even reaching any need for
action, there are numerous ways of modifying and educating (plus givint
the time, remember) before doing something aggressive like proposed here.

> the distribution maintainers will investigate the issue and determine whether it warrants further action. Any further action will be proportional to the severity of the problem.

No. There are no "distribution maintainers".
There are some roles, workings, voluntary obligations and active people
within community.

There can not be  "elite" that mandates, without registered active
members and body made out of it.

So Adam, whatever you are doing with this document here, it CAN not give
yourself more power, there could be active community membership forming
and it can take some time,
but you can't mandate anything in the community, by the force of your
own will.

See that "Ask the community for confirmation of your actions and conclusion"

> Changed things are based on former OpenSolaris Code of Conduct and solicitations from the OpenIndiana community.
> I hope that people are OK with these changes. I also expect this to be the final draft unless some comments appear.

You have your comments and also ther were edited last night.

If you want to present and push incompatible "not be tolerated" parts,
like there is, you can make new article insted of renaming existing one.

As seen your proposals have been partially accepted and included in
other forms
and every change require providing reasons and explanations, when
editing Wiki (see my comments on every change).

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