[oi-dev] OpenIndiana Code of Conduct

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 09:28:59 UTC 2016

On 07/25/16 10:09 AM, Bart Coddens wrote:
> Please Nikola,
> Take your bike out and go for a ride in the countryside.
> This everlasting tirade/rant does not help the community or yourself.
> Just my 2c,

This mesage of yours is off-topic and presents personal trolling.

Ine does not need CPE/CoC to act upon trolling , it is when you take out
of the topic and personally attack people, that is Btw included in
proposed edited text under
"Participate while on topic, with personal remarks being not on topic at
all times.".

If you have something to add on topic, regarding text and what and why
you think should be there,
you can contribute by being on-topic. (Just saying "yes" or "no" simply
does not count for intelligent people.

And yes, I have a bike and i ride, yet that is not the topic.

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