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> On Mon, 18 Jul 2016, Adam Števko wrote:
> Hello,
>> As part of a larger effort at providing a more formal governance
>> structure for the OpenIndiana project, I’d like to announce on the behalf
>> of OI developers the adoption of an OpenIndiana Code of Conduct. The draft
>> text for this new document can be found at
>> http://www.openindiana.org/community/code-of-conduct/ <
>> http://www.openindiana.org/community/code-of-conduct/>.
>> We would also like to point out this draft document is open to discussion
>> and acceptance by the community.
>> Our desire is for the discussion to be civil and for it to center around
>> the verbiage of the Code of Conduct.
>> We do not wish for the discussion to go off topic, or question the need
>> for such a document.
>> Please compose your thoughts and comment with as few replies as necessary
>> so the community may solidify the final text of this document.
> This looks really good to me except that there needs to be some definition
> of 'We' somewhere (perhaps elsewhere on the site) as well as some
> identification of who will decide what is not tolerated and who will enact
> enforcement actions.
> Bob
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Is there anyway to tag this work so I know who made it.  One person
announced it but I do not know who is on board, and who helped create it?
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