[oi-dev] Pull request : how to get back on track (git lost)

Aurélien Larcher aurelien.larcher at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 23:32:13 UTC 2016


> I have hard time to get through the git way of doing things right now.
> So, I forked oi-userland, added components or changes to it and did a pull
> request.
> Ok, I understand that I should have done one component at a time.

Whenever there is a dependency of said component at build time yes: PR the
dependency first.

> It seems that the git way of doing this is to create one branch per
> component which I haven't done.
> Now I have all my commits in oi/hipster and how can I reach the situation
> where I can pull request one component only ?

In your case it is easy because there is no dependency between commits.
I would say the easiest is to create a new branch (git checkout -b
libconfig) and git cherry-pick the commits related to libconfig.

> Is branching per component the best way to make pull request ?

In general features and fixes should live in separate branches yes and one
for each component: exception is made in case dependencies or lack thereof
allow several fixes in one PR.
If you think how the build server works it makes sense.

> Best regards.
> Ben
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