[oi-dev] HEADS-UP: lightdm delivered as 64-bit, known issue if log out right after update.

Aurélien Larcher aurelien.larcher at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 20:34:51 UTC 2018

in an hour new packages of lightdm and lightdm-gtk-greeter will be
published to migrate the binaries to 64-bit.
Migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit without a reboot is a not scenario handled
by lightdm: if you log out after updating the package, reloading the binary
registry will fail and put the service into maintenance.

Therefore updating to a new BE is recommended.

If you log out and your login manager does not restart, clearing the
service with:

svcadm clear lightdm

is enough to get the 64-bit version to reload properly.

Kind regards,


Praise the Caffeine embeddings
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