[oi-dev] Packages only in the main repository

Udo Grabowski (IMK) udo.grabowski at kit.edu
Wed Oct 24 13:14:49 UTC 2018

On 24/10/2018 14:39, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
> Hi,
> this list contains packages installed on my system that cannot be published from
> oi-userland:
> compatibility/packages/SUNWxwinc
> compatibility/packages/SUNWxwplt
> consolidation/cde/cde-incorporation
> consolidation/dbtg/dbtg-incorporation
> consolidation/jdmk/jdmk-incorporation
> consolidation/man/man-incorporation
> developer/macro/cpp
> driver/network/ce
> library/desktop/gtk1
> library/glib1
> library/medialib
> library/motif
> system/font/truetype/arphic-uming
> system/font/truetype/hanyang-ko-core
> system/font/truetype/ipafont
> system/font/truetype/lohit
> system/font/xorg/iso8859-1
> system/font/xorg/xorg-core
> system/input-method/library/libanthy
> system/input-method/library/libchewing
> system/input-method/library/libhangul
> system/install/locale
> system/library/c++/sunpro
> system/library/iconv/extra
> system/library/iconv/unicode
> system/library/iconv/utf-8
> system/library/iconv/utf-8/manual
> system/library/iconv/xsh4/latin
> system/manual/locale/ca
> system/manual/locale/ja
> system/osnet/locale/fr
> system/osnet/locale/ja
> system/xvm/xvmstore
> text/auto_ef
> text/doctools/ja
> x11/compatibility/links-svid
> x11/library/dps
> x11/library/libowconfig
> x11/library/toolkit/libxaw4
> x11/library/toolkit/libxaw5
> x11/network/rstart
> The question is: what can we deprecate?

The sunpro C++ stuff will be needed by proprietary (licensed) software
compiled with Sun Studio, as that will definitely fail with g++ compiled

Motif is still needed for some applications, but isn't there OpenMotif ? I
faintly remember I installed it from some illumos or OI or CSW repository
a few weeks ago somewhere, so that can probably go.

libXaw is still needed, but again, freedesktop.org has a free alternative.

CDE is dead, and people that used it should be, too (I feel sick...).

libowconfig....oh my god, OpenWindows, olwm ? When CDE people are dead,
OW people should already be rotten long ago. But I see that it has
been accessed 5 days ago on my 151a9 machine, so seemingly some of
the X libraries still accesses it (definitely not a backup process).

SUNWxwinc/plt are just Meta-incorporation packages for Xwindows
application groups; useful as such, they may be renamed and kept.
Or isn't there something similar already ?
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