[oi-dev] Fwd: open-vm-tools works great!

Gordon Ross gordon.w.ross at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:26:34 UTC 2018

[ Oh, this was meant to go to OI developers... ]

Thanks again for the help with building and packaging the desktop
parts of the open-vm-tools.
I recently had reason to setup an OI VM under vmware fusion (on the
Mac) and once I loaded that package, resize works, copy/paste works
between the guest and the host.  (I love it when stuff "just works"!

BTW, vmware fusion on this mac was about 5 times faster than virtualbox.
Yeah, not free, but definitely worth the $80 in my case.
(Oh, and a little "pro tip": one can edit the VM *.vmx file and change
ethernet0.virtualDev from e1000 to vmxnet3 for better network performance.)

Oh yeah, a question:  Should that package have installed automatically
when I installed the VM? Or maybe when I updated?  I had to run "pkg
install ..." to get it.


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