[oi-dev] 2018.10 targets

Alexander Pyhalov alp at sfedu.ru
Fri Sep 28 08:41:12 UTC 2018

Hi, folks.

We are approaching October.
While I have limited time now, I want to coordinate priorities and targets, what should we do till end of October (and due to personal reasons, I'd better announce snapshot till 20 October or earlier or allow someone else to do this).

We have several regressions and problems, which would be good to fix.

1) Virtualbox failure after FPU changes https://www.illumos.org/issues/9761 , https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/17947 is a serious one, but I'm afraid I lack skills to fix it in reasonable time. The stack trace itself doesn't seem related to illumos-gate changes, but likely it is. In KVM Joyent fixed this using new hma_fpu_* API, but Virtualbox structures to store VM registers differ and from brief overlook it has several asm functions to store/restore Host/Base registers state. So far I don't have an idea how convert one to another. So, this likely will be broken in 2018.10 unless someone skillful dig into this.

2) sbcl issues - threaded sbcl can not be built after KPTI changes, it fails FLOCK and posix tests. Needs investigation. It's a serious issue, because threaded sbcl is needed to build pgloader.

3) Our Mate is a bit old, but newer Mate requires updated GTK3 .  Updated GTK3 IIRC has dropped support for theme engines, and so our Nimbus theme based on unico engine doesn't work. Also I've heard there were issues with new mate-terminal. 
Michal, do you have some comments here?

4) As for new features, I really want to see KVM zones, perhaps, I'll dig into this shortly.

Does somebody have another targets/comments? 

Please, avoid turning this topic in bike-shedding, I want to hear OI developers in a way "I ll take item #N" or "I expect to finish feature A before snapshot", not "please, also fix this and that". 

Best regards, 
Alexander Pyhalov, 
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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