[oi-dev] Whitespace in Makefiles in oi-userland keep causing Problems

Alexander Pyhalov alp at sfedu.ru
Fri Sep 28 08:03:16 UTC 2018

COMPONENT_CLASSIFICATION=   System/Administration and Configuration

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От: Till Wegmüller <toasterson at gmail.com>
Отправлено: 27 сентября 2018 г. 22:03:14
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Тема: [oi-dev] Whitespace in Makefiles in oi-userland keep causing      Problems

Hello Fellow developers.

I have a confusing Problem with our buildsystem.
Since today it keeps behaving Inconsistently when I have a Whitespace in
a Value of a variable.

A Makefile like so:

COMPONENT_SUMMARY='Portable, distributed, remote execution and
configuration management system'
COMPONENT_CLASSIFICATION='System/Administration and Configuration'

Something like COMPONENT_CLASSIFICATION would break pkgmogrify with:
pkgmogrify: File
line 18: Malformed action at position: 90: whitespace in key:
    set name=info.classification
value=org.opensolaris.category.2008:System/Administration and Configuration

I could manage to supress this by using escape characters like " or '.
But not in all cases. And with the Classification the Whitespaces are
required as that Category has Whitespaces in their name. Thus it won't

I remember that Whitespaces where no problem not long ago. How will we
handle this? Packages like puppet and many others have also Whitespaces
in the Makefiles.


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