[oi-dev] Whitespace in Makefiles in oi-userland keep causing Problems

Joerg Schilling Joerg.Schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Fri Sep 28 10:37:06 UTC 2018

Reginald Beardsley via oi-dev <oi-dev at openindiana.org> wrote:

> Whitespace in Makefiles has been a mess from the start.  The story is that Feldman realized that making distinctions between types of white space was a bad idea.  But he had a dozen users and didn't want to break their Makefiles.  And the Bourne shell is not much better on that score.  What you can't see can have devastating consequences,

Looks like you missunderstood the concept.

Some people have been unhappy with the concept that action lines need to start 
with an intial TAB.

White space in variables is well defined:

-	initial whitespace is skipped

-	trailing whitespace is removed by SunPro Make but kept by gmake and 
	smake, so be careful with # comment at the end of a variable 
	assignement line.

-	white space in the middle is required by POSIX to be kept intact
	but gmake e.g. shrinks multiple white space to a single white space

The reported problem does not seem to be related to these white space problems.


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