[oi-dev] Toward a SPARC distro of OI

Olaf Bohlen olbohlen at eenfach.de
Tue Jun 18 19:25:07 UTC 2019

Till Wegmüller <toasterson at gmail.com> writes:

Hi Till,
hi Gary,

> Do you know about Agnar's Project to get OI building on SPARC? I can't
> remember if I ever pointed you towards him and his OI on Sparc work. His
> angle was to jump from an existing OI distro to current packages and
> later looking in V9OS.

First: Gary, this is phantastic news, congrats to it! I'm looking
forward to hear more from you.

Second: Till, yes Gary and I have been in contact but since I have
not enough time, my progress is probably somewhat slower. I also
have newer bits running, but my approach is - as you mentioned -
doing bootstrapping a system to be able to build recent bits in
the correct way.

I'd be happy to hear once someone has built a bootable OI media
for sparc and would take up of these also.

Best regards,

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