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Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu
Wed Nov 18 23:49:27 UTC 2020

In regard to: [oi-dev] Python components, Nona Hansel said (at 5:59pm on...:

> I'm thinking about updating two Python packages - tqdm and colorama.
> Currently, there is variable PYTHON_VERSIONS= 3.5 in both Makefiles which
> means, if I understand it correctly, that the package is build for Python
> 3.5.

Yes, and the implicit information you should take away from that is that
those packages are *not* being built for the older Python 2.7.

> I wonder if I should let this variable like this or should I increase Python
> version. If so, to what version? Or should we have more versions at the same
> time?

OI packages and provides multiple series of Python.  You can have e.g.
runtime/python-27 and runtime/python-35 installed at the same time, along
with modules packaged for each.

You should only increase PYTHON_VERSIONS *if* OI starts shipping a newer
Python series.  In that case, you would probably leave 3.5 there, but add
the newer version too, so that these modules continue to be built for the
3.5 series, in addition to being built for the new series.

As Andreas already said, it's a good idea to look at all the other python
modules, to get an idea of which modules build for just a specific Python
series and which build for any and all of the options that OI currently

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