[oi-dev] New SPARC ISO for testing

Gary Mills gary_mills at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 7 23:01:36 UTC 2021

This ISO is the same as the previous 2018 ISO except for two bug
fixes.  If the last one didn't work for you, this one might.

One of the fixes is for one of disk drivers, one that's only used on
newer systems.  It happens because driver is in two parts, causing the
boot to fail.  It stops with this error:

    undefined symbol 'sata_split_model'

The other is for the bash shell.  The problem in this case, is that
it needs a library.  If it's missing, the single-user console fails,
resulting in this error:

    bash: fatal: libncurses.so.5: open failed

To use the new ISO, first download it from this location:


Then, check it's integrity like this:

    $ digest -a sha256 OI_2018_02_Text_SPARC.iso.gz

Next, uncompress it with a command like this:

    $ gunzip OI_2018_02_Text_SPARC.iso.gz

Then, burn it to a DVD.  Note that the file OI_2018_02_Text_SPARC.iso
is a bootable DVD image.  There's no known way to transfer it to a USB
stick.  You must create and boot a DVD.  As well, only the text DVD
image is available for the SPARC platform.

Next, boot the DVD on your SPARC machine.  This OBP command worked for
me, although I had to do it twice:

    {0} ok boot cdrom

When the text boot is successful, it will guide you through the
process of configuring and installing OI.  Near the end, it will ask
you to select a disk to receive the OI installation.

Finally, boot the disk that contains the newly-installed copy of OI.
It can be used with the original repository to install new packages.

I'd like to get your reports on this new ISO.  Both it and the
original ISO boot and run correctly on my T2000 system.  However, it
may not run on different SPARC systems.  In particular, I'd like to
know if the new ISO boots and runs on newer hardware.  Please report
your hardware, and whether it succeeded or failed.  If it failed, I'd
like to see the error messages.  If the new ISO is successful, I will
be uploading a newer matching repository.

-Gary Mills-		-refurb-		-Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-

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