[oi-dev] New SPARC ISO for testing

Chris oidev at bsdos.info
Fri Jan 8 01:43:17 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-07 15:01, Gary Mills wrote:
> This ISO is the same as the previous 2018 ISO except for two bug
> fixes.  If the last one didn't work for you, this one might.
> One of the fixes is for one of disk drivers, one that's only used on
> newer systems.  It happens because driver is in two parts, causing the
> boot to fail.  It stops with this error:
>     undefined symbol 'sata_split_model'
> The other is for the bash shell.  The problem in this case, is that
> it needs a library.  If it's missing, the single-user console fails,
> resulting in this error:
>     bash: fatal: libncurses.so.5: open failed
> To use the new ISO, first download it from this location:
>     https://apt.dilos.org/oi-sparc/OI_2018_02_Text_SPARC.iso.gz
> Then, check it's integrity like this:
>     $ digest -a sha256 OI_2018_02_Text_SPARC.iso.gz
>     9ea289ef064e320200ae979dae25e0c2aa8846fa57f033d742c0612cd654397f
> Next, uncompress it with a command like this:
>     $ gunzip OI_2018_02_Text_SPARC.iso.gz
First off; thanks for your work! :-)
> Then, burn it to a DVD.  Note that the file OI_2018_02_Text_SPARC.iso
> is a bootable DVD image.  There's no known way to transfer it to a USB
> stick.  You must create and boot a DVD.
My OI box isn't in front of me ATM. But on the *BSDs I'm able to dump a
bootable CD/DVD image (iso) to a USB device/stick with dd(1) eg;

dd if=iso-image.iso of=/dev/<usb-stick-device> bs=1m conv=sync

I'm not sure there's that much difference in that regard between
BSD vs OI. But I'll download your image and give it a go. Then report my

Thanks again!

>  As well, only the text DVD
> image is available for the SPARC platform.
> Next, boot the DVD on your SPARC machine.  This OBP command worked for
> me, although I had to do it twice:
>     {0} ok boot cdrom
> When the text boot is successful, it will guide you through the
> process of configuring and installing OI.  Near the end, it will ask
> you to select a disk to receive the OI installation.
> Finally, boot the disk that contains the newly-installed copy of OI.
> It can be used with the original repository to install new packages.
> I'd like to get your reports on this new ISO.  Both it and the
> original ISO boot and run correctly on my T2000 system.  However, it
> may not run on different SPARC systems.  In particular, I'd like to
> know if the new ISO boots and runs on newer hardware.  Please report
> your hardware, and whether it succeeded or failed.  If it failed, I'd
> like to see the error messages.  If the new ISO is successful, I will
> be uploading a newer matching repository.

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