[oi-dev] texlive package

[email protected] stes at telenet.be
Wed Jan 27 16:19:28 UTC 2021

I have the impression that there is interest in a tex or texlive package,
in the OI repository.

Also there were already several IPS packages created apparently,
in the past, such as the OmniOS and/or many others,
and there's likely to be advanced TeX users reading this list.

This is not so strange, as TeX programming is quite advanced,
I think many users compile their own TeX from sources (as I do),
and TeX also has a "full set of tools" to "program" TeX,
and Perl programs to convert all sorts of formats into/from TeX.

I don't think it requires testing to see whether TeX or TeXlive builds,
compiles and/or works on OI.

The question is rather whether the OI repository has to offer it,
and whether someone who would work on it,
is not doing the work to then find out the pull request would be rejected.

Note that offering OpenIndiana tex or texlive is not obvious,
as then it requires storage (space) and,
someone to support TeX in the future, although the last issue,
is probably not that hard, since TeX is very mature, or very stable.

It may be a better choice to have an independent source or repository,
outside of OpenIndiana, offering the package

Such as https://www.opencsw.org/

In fact if OI would carry TeX in its repository, that version would likely
"compete" in some sense with the opencsw version,
as OI users would then have an easy way to install TeX from the OI repo.

Currently on the github page of OpenIndiana I see one project:


there is one project called GCC

Would it be possible for someone who has the necessary permissions,
to open a project on github oi-userland called TeX ?

Assuming of course that such a project fits in the OI scope.

David Stes

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