[oi-dev] texlive package

Andreas Wacknitz A.Wacknitz at gmx.de
Wed Jan 27 18:13:30 UTC 2021

Am 27.01.21 um 17:19 schrieb stes at PANDORA.BE:
> I have the impression that there is interest in a tex or texlive package,
> in the OI repository.
> Also there were already several IPS packages created apparently,
> in the past, such as the OmniOS and/or many others,
> and there's likely to be advanced TeX users reading this list.
> This is not so strange, as TeX programming is quite advanced,
> I think many users compile their own TeX from sources (as I do),
> and TeX also has a "full set of tools" to "program" TeX,
> and Perl programs to convert all sorts of formats into/from TeX.
> I don't think it requires testing to see whether TeX or TeXlive builds,
> compiles and/or works on OI.
> The question is rather whether the OI repository has to offer it,
> and whether someone who would work on it,
> is not doing the work to then find out the pull request would be rejected.
> Note that offering OpenIndiana tex or texlive is not obvious,
> as then it requires storage (space) and,
> someone to support TeX in the future, although the last issue,
> is probably not that hard, since TeX is very mature, or very stable.
> It may be a better choice to have an independent source or repository,
> outside of OpenIndiana, offering the package
> Such as https://www.opencsw.org/
> In fact if OI would carry TeX in its repository, that version would likely
> "compete" in some sense with the opencsw version,
To my knowledge opencsw provides packages for Solaris 10 and earlier.
Having our own TeXLive packages would be a big win. We already have a
package that
depends on libsynctex which we added separately.

> as OI users would then have an easy way to install TeX from the OI repo.
> Currently on the github page of OpenIndiana I see one project:
> https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland/projects
> there is one project called GCC
> Would it be possible for someone who has the necessary permissions,
> to open a project on github oi-userland called TeX ?
Now you have to fill it with (tex)life :D


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