[oi-dev] texlive package

Udo Grabowski (IMK) udo.grabowski at kit.edu
Thu Jan 28 13:29:55 UTC 2021

On 28.01.21 12:25, stes at PANDORA.BE wrote:
> ...
> I'll submit a PR (pull request) on github for the install-tl script.
> ...
> The idea is that with their package manager (TLMGR) you can update and install texlive.
> So basically with something like:
>     pkg install install-texlive
> you use IPS to install a package that can install the texlive (via the network).
> ...
> But since TeX with TUG and CTAN are very big communities, they claim to have / host 5000+ packages,
> an approach which uses the TLMGR package manager may be the good approach,
> so that you do not duplicate all of the TUG/CTAN packages in the OI repository.
> The reason is that the TLMGR will then later support both advanced users and basic users (like myself).
> Also I like the fact that the support of the texlive installation,
> is then done by the TLMGR team, not by the OpenIndiana team.

Excellent idea ! I can confirm that the tlmgr installer works
like a charm on OI, and the combination of choices that advanced
users can produce are far too many to be handled with packages in OI.
The average user will update his texlive installation about every
two years since TeX is already very stable and doesn't need many
fixes, so a one shot installer is the right choice here.

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