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[email protected] stes at telenet.be
Thu Jan 28 18:56:31 UTC 2021

----- Op 28 jan 2021 om 18:23 schreef Volker A. Brandt vab at bb-c.de:

> Absolutely.  As the IPS package includes everything, the TeXlive manager
> will be there as well, and can be run at any time.  It will change some
> files compared to their state in the IPS package database, which will
> create some leftover objects in /var/pkg/lost+found after an update.
> It's not hard to do at all.  The effort is finding someone to do the
> actual work. :-)

Also the install-tl script could be patched to install in /usr,
instead of installing into /usr/local/texlive as it does by default
(this is certainly possible as it allows to change the destination directory). 

Maybe it installs then into the /usr/bin/ directory so that you don't have to set the PATH,
after the installation.

At the same time (but this will be a lot of work) an IPS package can be created,
which delivers the binaries, also for /usr/bin .

So that you basically have two package managers running on those binaries ...

Difficult but interesting, and perhaps it can be done.  You are right saying,
that it may create leftover objects and it can then be done (with /var/pkg/lost+found).

Most distro's choose for their 'native' package management.

As the webpage http://tug.org/texlive/distro.html says:

"System distributions all have their own packaging systems, so tlmgr is not used for TeX-related package updates by any distro that we know of."

However a tlmgr based approach makes sense a lot of sense for the high-end TeX users.

They may be hostile to IPS and may want to "own" the texlive distribution directories,
and control them themselves with the texlive package manager.

David Stes

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