[oi-dev] texlive package

[email protected] stes at telenet.be
Thu Jan 28 19:27:01 UTC 2021

Another step may be to create a new addition to oi-userland.

In the directory make-rules there are various .mk files.

That build framework (oi-userland) can be extended with a texlive.mk set of rules.

Those rules use the "install-tl" script for various profiles (minimal, basic, full etc.)
to populate the prototype area.

So instead of using install-tl to install into /usr/local,
using install-tl to install into prototype/usr/local

Based on the contents of the prototype/usr/local then various IPS packages can be built,
to directory install a minimal, basic, full installation.

I'll check with the mailing list specifically for discussion of TL integration in distros
at TUG.

It's perhaps more of a TUG issue, but it also has an IPS/OI dimension to it.

David Stes

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