[oi-dev] perl-tk ?

[email protected] stes at telenet.be
Sun Jan 31 17:14:05 UTC 2021

Is there an IPS way to install the perl Tk module on OpenIndiana ?

I didn't see a perl-tk package, so I downloaded Tk from:



perl Makefile.PL 

make : seems to compile fine for me

make test some failures , most tests were OK

make install : OK

with the Perl Tk module installed, the Tex Live 2020 installer and Manager have a GUI.

 ./install-tl  --gui 

is the GUI mode if Perl Tk is installed.

Also the

  /usr/bin/tlmgr gui

opens the GUI which also depends on the Perl Tk module.

It seems to work fine.  I like the TeX Live Manager and package management  GUI.

In the framework of the OpenIndiana TeX Project on Github.com,

would it please be possible to create a Github action or workflow associated to the TeX project,
for creation of a components/perl/perl-tk  package ?

David Stes

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