[oi-dev] brand10 support broken in OI

Klaus Ziegler - owner of sunfreeware.de klausz at haus-gisela.de
Sat Jan 30 11:57:58 UTC 2021


Solaris10 branded zone support in Openindiana is broken likely since last
year July, because of the following undefined symbol in s10_brand.so.1:

root at myserver:~# zlogin myzone
[Connected to zone 'myzone' pts/2]
ld.so.1: s10_brand.so.1: fatal: relocation error: file 
/.SUNWnative/usr/lib/s10_brand.so.1: symbol __stack_chk_guard: 
referenced symbol not found

[Connection to zone 'myzone' pts/2 closed]

I tried to upgrade my main OI server several times last year, which 
always ended
by booting into the previous BE and waiting another month for the next try.
Because this is not a really usefull approach, I went into detail 
yesterday and got
the following workaround: mount your previous BE using beadm, copy over
32/64 bit s10_brand.so.1 shared libraries to /usr/lib resp. /usr/lib/64 
and you are
able to use zlogin again.
The zone seems to be running fine directly after "pkg update" but I wasn't
able to log into it using zlogin. To prove this here are the nm outputs 
of both
s10_brand.so.1 libraries:

root at myserver:/usr/lib/64# ls -al s10_brand.so.1*
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     bin       125128 Juni 21  2020 s10_brand.so.1
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     bin       125568 Jan. 29 09:57 
root at myserver:/usr/lib/64# nm s10_brand.so.1 | grep __stack_chk_guard
root at myserver:/usr/lib/64# nm s10_brand.so.1.new_pkg_update | grep 
[318]   |                   0|                   0|OBJT |GLOB |0 |UNDEF  

Note: this fix is needed for both 32/64 bit libraries, the 32bit one 
re-enables zlogin,
           and the 64bit one, for example enables "uptime" inside the 
zone again.

I'm not new to SunOS/OI, but I never filled a bug against OI.


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