[OpenIndiana-discuss] Solaris 11 Express

Edward Martinez mindbender_1 at live.com
Tue Nov 2 07:05:40 UTC 2010

  On 11/01/10 09:32, Apostolos Syropoulos wrote:
>> this discussion is pointless - imo.
> I totally agree. IMHO, we should not care about what happens
> to Oracle.
> A.S.
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> Apostolos Syropoulos
> Xanthi, Greece
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        I  second that. Oracle did not really care about the Opensolaris 
community, so be it. if  it was not
      for the great man Garret D'amore for starting  illumos, and the 
openindiana team releasing a great OS, then all  of non -oracle 
employess, like, myself, would of been screwed, since they have access to
new solaris developer builds  and source code, we dont.   now lets wait 
and see
           if oracle does indeed release the new  solaris source code, 
since they kick us out from reading and downloading it.


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