[OpenIndiana-discuss] USB devices with "ZeroCD(tm)" feature support.

Albert Lee trisk at opensolaris.org
Thu Nov 4 01:40:57 UTC 2010

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 11:18 AM, Carlos Almeida <xtrondo at gmail.com> wrote:
>  one ISP from Portugal wants to add official support for OpenIndiana to
> their new device based on anyData ADU-520a, so they ask me to check if the
> device is currently supported, however this is another device with the
> "ZeroCD(tm)" feature, so when you plug it,  defaults to a USB device class 8
>  (Storage), in place of USB device class 2 (communications device), I had
> this same problem on my own device some months ago a Huawei E169, but on
> this one is possible to disable the  SD micro card with an AT command, and
> after that the device works with usbsacm(7D) driver without a problem.
>  As far I understand this kind of devices are currently a pain to work
> out-of-the-box on OpenIndiana,  Linux seems to handle this with something
> they call usb-mode-switch, so its possible by udev rules switch from class 8
> to class 2 device and vice-versa, also another way seems to be by using an
> USB blacklist, and the storage part of the device is black listed, how can
> we use in OpenIndiana this kind of devices ?

We can use a usb_mid and/or scsa2usb binding instead of a blacklist,
but generally the cases where you'd need usb_modeswitch are where the
device only present one endpoint.  usb_modeswitch appears to be based
on libusb so it may actually be portable.

> maybe we can implement a way to
> handle this kind of devices, I really like to check if this anyData ADU-520a
> works with usbsacm(7D), I also understand that maybe this is more a issue
> for Illumos guys, but I bet most of them also read this list.

That is not a good assumption as this is not a developer list, please
use illumos-developer.

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