[OpenIndiana-discuss] I figured this deserved a separate thread

Rthoreau r7h0re4 at att.net
Thu Nov 4 16:04:14 UTC 2010


You could probably make a list of features that were only in OpenSolaris
and now in OpenIndiana that people must have. On any list at one time it
would of been ZFS and for some it still has a big place in the

I see your task is possible but I see a few concerns and would counter
with the question.  What is unique that OpenIndiana offers that is not
available in another OI or OS distro?

Lets take ZFS for example the BSD's now have the ability to run it in a
production environment. Gnu/Linux is now working on a viable native port
to interact with the GPL restrictions the kernel has imposed. 

Which brings us to Dtrace which is one of the most unique features still
left that many people think would be a killer feature to have.  Even
that will soon be in the BSD's if my tea leaves are read correctly.

I am just saying that the uniqueness of what was OpenSolaris is much
dwindled and could diaapear or morph into something similar without much
effort. So you really need to focus on an installed base and I think
that the solaris base who don't care much for Oracle are looking for a
viable option. OpenIndiana could become the CentOS of the solaris world
if Oracle plays nice in the play ground. 

I think that most people will have a wait and see attitude if OI can
just execute it's development plan as advertised bring out say two or
three solid releases in a two year period it will probably be viable. 

I think hitting critical mass is very possible just look at OpenStack
and what has been done in that short period. If you get enough people
and a willing developer base this is certainlly possible. I do think
Illumos has that ability right now it is in it's infancy and a few rough
edges but with the proper care I see a bright future.


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