[OpenIndiana-discuss] [b 147] Consensus on how to set up static IP

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Tue Nov 9 01:11:37 UTC 2010

Harry Putnam <reader at newsguy.com> writes:

> Can anyone point me to, or supply a brief step thru describing a known
> to work method for setting up a static IP address.
> One with complete steps that are current, as it appears from googling
> around that there are several ways described and not all work on newer
> opensolaris like b 134.
> Does that also apply to oi?
> Do we have a standard way to do this now?

someone filed a bug about this and another user closed it saying the
desktop network icon would allow for manual setup.

It does have that provision and can be accessed by clicking on the
network icon,  but after a dozen attempts at setting it
to manual and patiently filling in address and netmask... it fails to
connect and reports the cable is out.

My home lan is on  I set the manual IP to (nothing else is on that IP)


(Default route is set to my lan router (

Using those numbers, the connection fails every time.
And cleverly switches me to a `profile' named `nonet'

If I then click on the same connection and set it to dhcp it connects
in a second or two.

So near as I can see the tools fail to create a static IP, and do so
with no usable error ouput, only a completely mistaken message saying
the cable is out.

Is that a bonafide bug or am I still doing something wrong?

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