[OpenIndiana-discuss] SunStudio

Nathan Evans ndickinson.evans at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 14:41:57 UTC 2010

> > With Solaris, it is preferred to  build with Sun Studio, and to use gcc
> > only if you can't get something to  build with cc/CC.
> Indeed, but here we are talking about OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana!
> We *must* abandon the use of cc/CC and instead we *must* make
> gcc and LLVM our tools. Even if Oracle will never stop "giving away"
> Sun Studio, an OpenSource OS should not depend on a closed source
> compiler! It simply makes no sense.
> That sounds like logic!
I agree whole heartedly with you, however trying to find a decent opensource
JVM that Oracle doesn't or can't control is nearly impossible. I love Java
and switching to LLVM is to costly in terms of hours spent learning it. Java
is the only decent virtual machine in terms of cross platform availability.
Unless we come up with a vm that has all the same bells and whistles as Java
does(swing, JavaFX API, and a pleathora of others) then any VM we switch to
is already dead in the water. User adoption and developer adoption is the
key. A Ruby VM with controls, widgets, graphics and hardware layer could be
the answer...

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