[OpenIndiana-discuss] Need help to recover files on ZFS disk partition.

Gabriel de la Cruz gabriel.delacruz at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 23:22:22 UTC 2010

Log in the Opensolaris Live CD and run "zpool import", the literature is
very fast to read. Just follow the instructions.
"zpool import --help" will list your options,

You can read this if you don't feel like reading at the terminal, just check
the import sections.

It is a very simple process. Just read carefully.
Please ask if you have some questions

I don't think you need to upgrade the pool, so if it ask you to do so, just
say no... (I am not even sure if this happens at all, but just in case)


On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 12:40 AM, Anthony Renaud <anthony_renaud65 at yahoo.com
> wrote:

> I have a disk partition with OpenSolaris build 132 on it,trying to upgrade
> to build 134 it became unbootable.Using the LiveCD and from it I need to
> mount that disk partition to recover files to a pen drive.
> It is a USB external HDD with several partitions,one of them is ZFS
> formatted with OpenSolaris on it.Using GParted I know its device name:
> /dev/dsk/c5t0d0p2I tried:zfs set mountpoint=legacy /dev/dsk/c5t0d0p2mount -F
> zfs /dev/dsk/c5t0d0p2 /mnt
> It did not work.I know it is "Linux type for mounting filesystems",with
> Solaris the things are a little different,but now I do not have the time to
> read literature about ZFS filesystems etc.,later I intend to do that.So,now
> I need someone to give me advice about a straightforward method to mount my
> disk partition filesystem from the OpenSolaris LiveCD.
>                                                     Thanks.
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