[OpenIndiana-discuss] Building Ekiga/OPAL with H264/H263 support

Dave Koelmeyer davekoelmeyer at me.com
Sat Nov 27 00:19:24 UTC 2010

  On 27/11/10 03:31 AM, ken mays wrote:
> Ekiga 3.2.7 is built for snv_151 IPS.
> ~ Ken Mays

The question was more if anyone has built from scratch, with H264 
support. By default under OpenSolaris the default video codecs in Ekiga 
are H261 (craptastic) and Theora (great, but not used by all that many 
other SIP clients). I'm interested in cross-platform video chat with 
users on Mac OS, but SIP clients for that platform typically have 
H264/H263 support, not anything else supported by Ekiga on OI. Ideally 
I'd be able to build Ekiga with H264, perhaps using Murry Blakeman's 
x264 package.

Dave Kelmeyer

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> --- On Thu, 11/25/10, Dave Koelmeyer<davekoelmeyer at me.com>  wrote:
>> From: Dave Koelmeyer<davekoelmeyer at me.com>
>> Subject: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Building Ekiga/OPAL with H264/H263 support
>> To: openindiana-discuss at openindiana.org
>> Date: Thursday, November 25, 2010, 8:00 PM
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone successfully attempted the above on OpenInidiana
>> (or OpenSolaris) and can share some build instructions? 
>> Cheers,
>> Dave
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