[OpenIndiana-discuss] Building Ekiga/OPAL with H264/H263 support

Albert Lee trisk at opensolaris.org
Sat Nov 27 01:01:53 UTC 2010

On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 7:19 PM, Dave Koelmeyer <davekoelmeyer at me.com> wrote:
> The question was more if anyone has built from scratch, with H264 support.
> By default under OpenSolaris the default video codecs in Ekiga are H261
> (craptastic) and Theora (great, but not used by all that many other SIP
> clients). I'm interested in cross-platform video chat with users on Mac OS,
> but SIP clients for that platform typically have H264/H263 support, not
> anything else supported by Ekiga on OI. Ideally I'd be able to build Ekiga
> with H264, perhaps using Murry Blakeman's x264 package.

I don't believe anyone has tried enabling additional codec support in
OPAL, but you can rebuild the Ekiga package from JDS by following
http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/Project+jds/building and

libx264 is in spec-files-extra (under encumbered) and you can import
the Ekiga spec files into a local checkout of SFE to build them


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