[OpenIndiana-discuss] livecd zpool import -fR /a xpool but no files

Calum Mackay calum.mackay at cdmnet.org
Mon Nov 29 00:54:31 UTC 2010


I'm not sure what happened in your case, but I've just tried it with a 
fresh OI b147 install, and it worked perfectly. At no point did I see 

I installed OIb147 in a Vbox VM, using the DVD ISO.

Then booted the DVD ISO again, and "zpool import" showed me rpool, as 


	zpool import -f -R /a rpool

	zfs set mountpoint=/b rpool/ROOT/openindiana

	zfs mount rpool/ROOT/openindiana

	cat /a/b/etc/passwd

and I could see my personal username in the passwd file, ensuring I was 
looking at my installed /etc.


	zpool export rpool

and reboot, and it came up perfectly into my install, no issues at all.

So this is clearly a usable recovery method, once the mountpoint and 
mount are done. And perhaps there is a better way to handle that, but it 
worked for me.

To address your current situation, I would try booting the ISO/Live 
again, and seeing what "zpool import" says. If it's xpool, or anything 
other than rpool, then:

	zpool import -f -R /a badpool rpool

[where "badpool" is whatever was reported by "zpool import"]

to rename it to rpool, then try the above steps, or just export and reboot.

Hopefully that will get you back going again...


Calum Mackay
Oracle Corporation

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