[OpenIndiana-discuss] livecd zpool import -fR /a xpool but no files

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Tue Nov 30 02:17:26 UTC 2010

Calum Mackay <calum.mackay at cdmnet.org> writes:

> On 29/11/10 15:34, Frank Middleton wrote:
>> Just a guess, but shouldn't the mountpoint first be set back to "/"
>> zfs umount newrpool/ROOT/openindiana
>> zfs set mountpoint=/ newrpool/ROOT/openindiana
>> zpool export newrpool
> I did not find that to be necessary in my own tests...
> Also, note the above would likely render the system unbootable, as it
> would leave the pool named as newrpool (as per previous emails).

Excellent point.

I did reboot a new install with livecd and also found as you did no
evidence of an `xpool'.  Not sure how that might of crept in first
time around... but its a safe bet it was some untoward action on my

>From livecd, `zpool import' sees rpool from existing install.  I can
confirm what you noticed.

I'd like to try a quick a summary of what the method consists of for
booting from livecd for rescue purposes.... just to see if I'm missing
an important step before I commit an outline to my own cvs repo of
notes and scripts etc I keep.

boot problem os with livecd (for now... openindiana b 147)

Once you gotten logged into live cd run:

   zpool import

Just to see what is available.

Hopefully you will see the existing rpool with a long ID number
associated with it.

run (These commands I glommed from Calum M s' posts):

   zpool import -f -R /a rpool

   zfs set mountpoint=/b rpool/ROOT/openindiana

   zfs mount rpool/ROOT/openindiana

This is safe because the livecd has no rpool.

Now access to the prior install is at 

Here you will find etc and all the other directories and files from a
previous install.

Once you've done whatever steps you thought necessary for rescuing the
problem OS.

Make your escape with:

zpool export rpool

shutdown, remove the livecd and boot from harddisk...Keeping your
fingers crossed that your rescue was effective... but the procedure
for getting into position to do rescue work laid out above should not 
bring grief by itself.

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