[OpenIndiana-discuss] Kernel panic after upgrading to OpenIndiana

Thorsten Heit thorsten.heit at vkb.de
Fri Oct 1 09:23:44 UTC 2010


> This appears very similar to another issue with the bootfs
> specification which is normally transparent:
> http://opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?messageID=315743
> Also make sure you have the current version of GRUB installed on
> *both* disks in your mirror, as it's responsible for specifying the
> bootfs parameter.

This was already done after attaching the second disc to rpool.

I just booted into the live USB image to check whether my system is at all 
capable of booting into OI. Works as expected, but I'm not able to import 
the zpools:

jack at opensolaris:~$ pfexec zpool import -f rpool
cannot import 'rpool': invalid vdev configuration
jack at opensolaris:~$

Erm, what does this message wants to tell me?
Why does this happen only when booting the USB image of OI and not the one 
of OSOL b134?



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