[OpenIndiana-discuss] Bordeaux running on OpenIndiana

James C. McPherson james.c.mcpherson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 12:37:29 UTC 2010

On  1/10/10 06:39 PM, Tom Wickline wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Today I compiled Bordeaux 2.0.8, Wine 1.2 and our other bundled tools (wget,
> unzip, cabextract) etc. on OpenIndiana
> and was pleasantly surprised how well everything went.

Hi Tom,
that's excellent news, congratulations!

I have a need to run the Cisco IP Communicator program,
do you know whether Bordeaux can run it? Wine has problems
with it, starting with USB Audio devices.

Also, how about Adobe Lightroom2/3 and Photoshop CS3/4/5 ?

Thankyou in advance,  
James C. McPherson
Solaris kernel software engineer, system admin and troubleshooter
Find me on LinkedIn @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamescmcpherson

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