[OpenIndiana-discuss] KDE on OpenIndiana (was: openindiana more popular)

Daniel Kjar dkjar at elmira.edu
Tue Oct 5 15:27:12 UTC 2010

  I have been having a problem with bionicmutton and wondered if 
something sinister might be going on.  Sonicwall is blocking some of the 
packages throwing out all kinds of trojan warnings.  Anybody else seen 
this happen?

*This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service. 
Please contact the Helpdesk if you have questions. Name: Peed.JOB_2 

1: Invalid contentpath opt/kde4/lib/libQtWebKit.so.4.6.3: chash failure: 
expected: b2af43a356d662b5ef52f84bc296b0372dbcc0e9 computed: 
c26b6c7d8cb505f9d8d27f1e2f303fee7c88810b. (happened 3 times)
2: Framework stall:

then just a bunch of

Framework stall:
URL: 'http://solaris.bionicmutton.org:10000/versions/0/'.

On 10/ 3/10 05:05 AM, Michael wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 11:00 PM, Jeppe Toustrup<openindiana at tenzer.dk>  wrote:
>> 2010/10/2 Alex Kuster<vertex.symphony at gmail.com>:
>>> Any chances to get KDE SC in OpenIndiana ?  *shiny eyes*
>> KDE already runs on OpenIndiana, have a look at the KDE for Solaris project:
>> http://solaris.kde.org/
>> or this blog post which I believe is from one of the developers of that:
>> http://blog.hajma.cz/2010/09/kde4-on-openindiana.html
>> There are however not any really clear current installation
>> instructions available, we should look into getting that on the wiki.
> go to techbase.kde.org, search for opensolaris and in the resulting
> page search for the string "opensolaris" - that should get you
> started.

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