[OpenIndiana-discuss] The name: "OpenIndiana" (part II)

Rob McMahon robmcmahoncv at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 09:50:50 UTC 2010

  On 10/ 9/10 12:40 AM, Daniel Kjar wrote:
> I like Polaris, "our star"... not so  much.
> Very useful for celestial navigation so there is some 'meaning'.  Polaris
> really does sound great as a name for the OS.
Read what you're replying to :-)  Please, let's leave this, and get on 
with the program.  OpenIndiana is just fine, it's out there, and it's 
getting noticed.
Type OpenIndiana into google.  250,000 hits already, all relevant (well, 
okay the first few pages are, I haven't checked all 250,000 results).  
It's made el Reg, PC world, various linux websites, ...  Change the name 
now and you'll scupper that momentum.
Do the same with Polaris.  16,000,000 hits.  Snowmobiles, the star, 
missiles, quad bikes, clothes, insurance, ...  Besides, it was already 
taken by the port of OpenSolaris (R.I.P.) for the PowerPC port.
"Our star" really doesn't sound like much of a brand name to me (sorry), 
also it has the same google issues.
That's going to be an issue.  We could spend months arguing back and 
forth and waste time that could be spent on content.
Let's move on.

>> Initially it was said that "the community" didn't get a chance to
>> provide input, which turned out not to be true.  Several of us pointed
>> out reasons why a name change right now would be a bad idea.  Nobody
>> for the name change rebutted those reasons.
>> Can we move on from style for now and work on substance, like a
>> skinnable mp3 player written in Scheme with a Fortran decoder? :)

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