[OpenIndiana-discuss] The name: "OpenIndiana" (part II)

Daniel Kjar dkjar at elmira.edu
Sat Oct 9 12:44:26 UTC 2010

Sorry, I thought I was replying to this 'thread'.  You are right about the
googling though.  Nobody else would ever use the name openindiana for
anything, ever.

On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 5:50 AM, Rob McMahon <robmcmahoncv at gmail.com> wrote:

>  On 10/ 9/10 12:40 AM, Daniel Kjar wrote:
>> I like Polaris, "our star"... not so  much.
>> Very useful for celestial navigation so there is some 'meaning'.  Polaris
>> really does sound great as a name for the OS.
> Read what you're replying to :-)  Please, let's leave this, and get on with
> the program.  OpenIndiana is just fine, it's out there, and it's getting
> noticed.
> Type OpenIndiana into google.  250,000 hits already, all relevant (well,
> okay the first few pages are, I haven't checked all 250,000 results).  It's
> made el Reg, PC world, various linux websites, ...  Change the name now and
> you'll scupper that momentum.
> Do the same with Polaris.  16,000,000 hits.  Snowmobiles, the star,
> missiles, quad bikes, clothes, insurance, ...  Besides, it was already taken
> by the port of OpenSolaris (R.I.P.) for the PowerPC port.
> "Our star" really doesn't sound like much of a brand name to me (sorry),
> also it has the same google issues.
> That's going to be an issue.  We could spend months arguing back and forth
> and waste time that could be spent on content.
> Let's move on.
> Rob
>  Initially it was said that "the community" didn't get a chance to
>>> provide input, which turned out not to be true.  Several of us pointed
>>> out reasons why a name change right now would be a bad idea.  Nobody
>>> for the name change rebutted those reasons.
>>> Can we move on from style for now and work on substance, like a
>>> skinnable mp3 player written in Scheme with a Fortran decoder? :)
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