[OpenIndiana-discuss] IPS pkg popularity contests

Rthoreau r7h0re4 at att.net
Sat Oct 9 12:13:34 UTC 2010

I agree with the functionality such as a system wide mail client, a
system wide spell checker.  I guess I spent too much time with Debian in
which they have those things.  But I agree we need something best in
class to address those concerns. 

Since I am not that familiar with how and what was packaged with solaris
through the years I might be expecting too much. I guess that is
something we can hash out in the future.  I must admit that if I want to
use rmail, or set root mail to a user that would be nice without having
to know a ton of solaris, or dig deep into the manuals just for some
basic system wide settings.  Even the OpenSolaris Bible has limited
informaton on some of those topics I would assume I would have to go
deep into the sun admin manuals to find out some of those things.


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