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I'd lobby for the separate directory approach. We were running into this in openSolaris, when trying to build PostgreSQL. Our issues were related to multiple versions of perl, granted, not multiple architectures. 

There was a bit of back-and-forth as to whether it was an 'OS layout' issue or a 'configuration' script issue (my words); we may have an opportunity to blaze a little bit of trail here. 

Thanks again for the hard work, Lou Picciano 

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On 13 Oct 2010, at 15:36, russell wrote: 

> Hi, 
> While OpenIndiana (OpenSolaris/Solaris) provide 32 and 64 bit libraries for building 64 bit applications. 
> However if you want to include bindings to Perl for example, the version shipped with OpenIndiana is 32bit including it libraries. So, if you want to include Perl support in a 64bit application, you need to build a 64bit version of Perl before building your 64bit application. 
> Is there a way of including 64bit version of standard applications like Perl within OpenIndiana, so that building a 64bit version of PostgreSQL can utilise a standard 64 bit version of Perl, maybe in a /usr/bin64 directory? 

Hi Russell, 

That looks like an oversight in the OS worth addressing. 

I imagine getting a combined 32/64bit perl on the system would be very difficult, given perl modules install native extensions. Essentially you'd need separate extension directories and at that point you may as well have two separate perl prefixes. Perhaps an optional installable /usr/perl5-64 ? 

I'd be interested to hear what suggestions people have, as none of the options I can think of are terribly neat and tidy. 


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