[OpenIndiana-discuss] Building Applications

russell stream at willows7.myzen.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 07:35:07 UTC 2010

  Hi Alasdair,

 From a personal perspective I would prefer if everything was 64bit and 
32bit libraries were provided for backward compatibility.  I see no 
reason to provide 32bit binaries if 64bit versions can be created, 64bit 
x86 chips have been available since 2003, virtually all the CPUs on the 
market are 64bit capable. The only reason to support 32bit binaries are 
for older computers with older cpus, or the application is not 64bit 
aware. ZFS provides us with a 128bit filesystem but we cling on to 
antiquated 32bit applications.

However, some people may feel that that is bit draconian, so may I 
suggest a more acceptable alternative.
Provide within Package Manager, a 64/32 bit application preference 
option (which the user selects and the system records), the list of 
Packages provided are then dependant of the users 64/32bit choice. If an 
application is available as a combined 64 and 32 bit application then it 
is always listed irrespective of the users choice.

Unfortunately this will result in many applications having to be built 
in 32 and 64 bit versions. The IPS servers will record the number of 
downloads 32 v 64 bit and the results can be published annually.

Hopefully we can find a solution acceptable to all



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