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Alexandre Borges alexandre.borges at unixacademia.com.br
Thu Oct 14 22:27:49 UTC 2010

Guido Berhoerster,

Good evening. Thanks for your answer.

In fact, I don't have an account in wiki. I'll join #oi-dev, ask for one and 
add myself to Documentation team.

After that, I'll prepare a list of possible tutorials to write. I belive 
that be necessary to write a kind of "tutorial series"
since basic tutorials (installation, first steps, user creation, filesystem 
creation, packages, boot, network...), passing through more complex stuffs 
zfs, security, virtualization, etc..). What do you think ?

I'd also like to be able coordenate other people to write tutorials 
following an "educational line"...I mean: basic -> intermediate --> advanced 
stuff. Sincerely, I belive
there is not well-done project without a good documentation because the 
users don't have a real motivation to learn/test a new OS.

Thanks for your attention.

Alexandre Borges.

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> that sounds great. Do you already have an account for the wiki?
> If not please join #oi-dev on Freenode and ask for one. After
> that please add yourself to the documentation team
> http://wiki.openindiana.org:8080/display/oi/Human+Resources
> We currently lack end-user documentation,
> http://wiki.openindiana.org:8080/display/oi/OpenIndiana+Handbook
> would be a good place to get started and add tutorials aimed a
> end-users.
> -- 
> Guido Berhoerster
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