[OpenIndiana-discuss] Source or suggestions for a driver for an IBM ServeRAID 7k card?

Kyle McDonald kmcdonald at egenera.com
Wed Oct 20 13:45:17 UTC 2010

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Hi all,

Sun was working on a driver (ips) for the ServeRAID 7k (and some
series 6 models). It's actually listed on the opensoalris.org website
a s a community project, but sources were never made available - only
binaries. I have merged these binaries with SXCE in the past, but I
never got around to merging them with recent Opensolaris builds since
nexenta core, and community both includeded them I used those for
testing it. The tests failed. The dtrace analytics on nexenta
community show free ram dropping continuously until the kernel panics.

If the source were available, I think I might be able to locate and
possibly fix the problem my self but it's not. The developer had told
me a while back that he wanted to get Sun to opensource the code (the
original license is BSD I believe) but I believe he no longer works
there, so I'm not hopeful that will ever happen. Does anyone know
anyone who could help make that happen?

Which leads me to the next question...

I think I remember that this driver was ported from one of the BSD's
(hence the BSD license.) Can anyone suggest which BSD would be best to
looking for the source to that version? I don't know if I can easily
port a driver like this or not, but I'd like to investigate it more.
Assuming I find sources, where should I start looking for info on what
a 'port' might entail (where to start? what to make sure not to miss?

Any and all help appreciated!


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