[OpenIndiana-discuss] where..iso of Osol build 133 update to latest OI

Thorsten Heit thorsten.heit at vkb.de
Thu Oct 21 12:21:25 UTC 2010


> Here is my query in a few words:
> Where can I get an ISO of build 133 of opensolaris?
> Details and why:
> I run Osol Build 133 currently.   I want to go to Open indiana as it
> seems to be the best thing going in a bad situation with Opensolaris.
> My usage is as home network NAS but still it could be a fair bit of
> work moving 100s of GB of Data to a new OS.  At least it seems
> I'm no more than a long in the tooth noob, so thought it might be a
> good idea to practice the move with  virtual setups.
> I hoped to get an installable image of 133 so as to make the practice
> as close as I can to the real McCOy.
> Then try to move a virutal osol b 133 to OI build (whatever the
> latest is at that time)
> Oh and as an aside; would VirutalBox be the best choice?  I do have a
> licensed VMware I could use.

Sorry, but I don't understand exactly what you're trying to do....

You have OSOL b133 running, and you think about upgrading to OpenIndiana, 
So why do you look for an ISO image of b133?



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