[OpenIndiana-discuss] Help deploying an OpenIndiana buildbot for python?

Alasdair Lumsden alasdairrr at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 01:13:08 UTC 2010

On 26 Oct 2010, at 23:52, Jesus Cea wrote:

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> Hi. I am a python core developer and recently we hit some
> Solaris/OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana problems.
> Some details:
> http://bugs.python.org/issue10142
> http://bugs.python.org/issue4111
> http://bugs.python.org/issue10201
> I have a Solaris 10 machine for testing, but we desperately need a
> OpenIndiana buildbot to be able to test OI compatibility. I plan to
> install a VM with OI soon, but we need something available 24x7 for
> testing builds in a continuous way.
> I was wondering if somebody here could help. A zone with GCC installed
> would be enough. I volunteer to administer it and I compromise to not
> use it for anything else.

We'd absolutely love to provide the resources for this. I've created a Zone for the task, and will mail you off-list with the login. It's on our "fastdev" box which has lots of cores and RAM for doing builds.



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