[OpenIndiana-discuss] samba keeps dumping core on oi_147

Mike Gerdts mgerdts at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 03:37:09 UTC 2010

On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 10:25 PM, Christopher Chan
<christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk> wrote:
> Ah, so that's where I can tell SMF to leave things alone. I concur. Running
> smbd unmanaged has resulted in zero samba downtime. As for the core dumps...
> In the logs: smbd[22213] setid process, core not dumped:
> coreadm
>     global core file pattern: /var/cores/%d/%f.%p.%n

This directory needs to exist.  That is, /var/cores/smbd needs to
exist with this pattern.  If the directory doesn't exist, you should
be getting messages in /var/adm/messages (depending on syslog setup)
that says that the core dump failed because the directory doesn't
exist.  I tend to avoid using / in the pattern after the first %.
That is, I'd be more inclined to use /var/cores/%d.%f.%p.%n.  If you
are aware of what you are doing, the pattern than you use can be
effective for selectively getting core dumps from only certain

I commonly use this technique (core file pattern puts core files in
/var/cores, but /var/cores doesn't usually exist) to get a log entry
in /var/adm/messages saying that something tried to dump core without
filling /var.  This has helped me many times when application admins
come to me to tell me that somebody is killing their processes.  If I
care to capture some core files, I'll create the /var/cores directory
until I get however many I am looking for.

>     global core file content: all
>       init core file pattern: core
>       init core file content: default
>            global core dumps: enabled
>       per-process core dumps: enabled
>      global setid core dumps: enabled
>  per-process setid core dumps: enabled
>     global core dump logging: enabled
> What am I missing?
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