[OpenIndiana-discuss] Hello All

Adrian Armando Ahuatzi Ayala yosoy.presente at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 16:25:20 UTC 2010

Nice to know you Nathan. I've also recently joined the list and I'd like to
take the opportunity to introduce myself.
I was an OpenSolaris enthusiast but I drop it when I found out that they
were going to shut down the project, I was going to change my home machines
from CentOS to OS. Now that I've found OpenIndiana I'm excited to test it
and contribute.
I graduated from college last fall and now I'm working on my own IT company
in Mexico, we're looking forward to integrate OpenIndiana in our
I've been working with linux systems since I my first semester, I consider
myself a good programmer in C and Java.
I hope I can contribute to this project,
best regards

Adrian Ahuatzi

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