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Nathan Evans ndickinson.evans at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 18:33:47 UTC 2010

Hello Adrian,
Nice to meet you. Welcome to the mailing list.
mostly useful information unless it's me speaking in which case you can
usually pipe the majority of my comments to /dev/null
I myself just recently joined the mailing list. I am 30yo computer
Programmer in Northern Ontario I am a Solaris/Java advocate/evangelist/*NIX
zealot etc. These bunch of guys seem nice enough and have yet to tell me to
shut my face, which is also epic and win.

Perhaps if I am lucky maybe the project  will give me a spot in the
advocate/evangelist/zealotry department!

I think if i held that position I would rename the department "Not Oracle" -
Department. The NORCLE department for short.
Which would probably evolve to the SNORCLE department due to my boring
pendantic rants about nothing overly important.

Mind you I could keep in interesting by producing random explosions... I
hear thats what Hollywood does with boring movies.

I wonder what the going rate for explosions are anyway...

<inserts a random explosion>

see... I have your attention.

and what will I do with it... following the Hollywood tradition i'll just
show you  something meaningless:


that being said, have yourselves a nice day.
feel free to ridicule and mock me! ->specially<- over spelling and grammar
those are my favorites!

On 30 October 2010 12:25, Adrian Armando Ahuatzi Ayala <
yosoy.presente at gmail.com> wrote:

> Nice to know you Nathan. I've also recently joined the list and I'd like to
> take the opportunity to introduce myself.
> I was an OpenSolaris enthusiast but I drop it when I found out that they
> were going to shut down the project, I was going to change my home machines
> from CentOS to OS. Now that I've found OpenIndiana I'm excited to test it
> and contribute.
> I graduated from college last fall and now I'm working on my own IT company
> in Mexico, we're looking forward to integrate OpenIndiana in our
> infrastructure.
> I've been working with linux systems since I my first semester, I consider
> myself a good programmer in C and Java.
> I hope I can contribute to this project,
> best regards
> Adrian Ahuatzi
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