[OpenIndiana-discuss] Rebranding Work

Alasdair Lumsden alasdairrr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 21:38:43 UTC 2010

On 30 Aug 2010, at 15:48, George Shepherd wrote:

> So actually you are trying to do more in the gates than
> we do.
> Internally all peer reviews and inspections are done from
> the engineer's child of the clone. Any revisions are done
> by the responsible engineer in his child. The child is
> then normalised (hg reci -f) to compact all changes into
> one changeset before it is permissible to push your
> changes back to the gate.


I think the problem we have is that the authoritative source of the code is not ours and our changes need to be merged cleanly with it.

So I think our clone which gets pulled each night from opensolaris upstream should remain read-only. We then need a clone of this, which maintains our patch queue and where final revision patches get pushed to.

So we will need a clone of *that* where development takes place, and after review final changes can get pushed up to the one above as a single change set.

Does that sound sane?

It might not, as I don't know mercurial. I *really* need to spend some time learning it but time is really scarce at the moment :/

If anyone is able/willing to step up to this and prescribe a process for managing our source control, I'd be very grateful!



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