[OpenIndiana-discuss] Changed License-tags in JDS

Guido Berhoerster guido+openindiana at berhoerster.name
Sat Sep 4 14:50:43 UTC 2010

As part of a recent JDS rebranding in the gnome-2-30 branch
Oracle has changed the License-tags of the following specfiles:

specs/SUNWdesktop-cache.spec:  License:  CDDL -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec:  License:  GPLv2 -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWgnome-screensaver.spec:  License:  CDDL -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWgnome-time-slider.spec:  License:  CDDL -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWpostrun.spec:  License:  CDDL -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec:  License:  LGPL/GPL -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec:  License:  LGPL/GPL -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec:  License:  LGPL/GPL -> cr_Oracle
specs/SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec:  License:  LGPL/GPL -> cr_Oracle
base-specs/nwam-manager.spec:  License:  CDDL -> cr_Oracle

and modified the .copyright files accordingly. cr_Oracle seems to
be just a copyright statement.

Anybody know what this means?

(Note that this does not affect our rebranding of b147 in any
Guido Berhoerster

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